Monday, November 29, 2010

My Problem with most Wargames

As stated above, I have a problem with most wargames. My problem is non specificness. There are no different stats in Ambush alley, between a QBZ95 an M16A2 and an AK47, even though all three fire different ammunition. (5.6mm, 5.56mm and 7.62mm). I am currently developing a wargame in which the different nations feel different. The length of the barrel and round, the muzzle velocity and the thinness of the bullet effect accuracy. The thickness of the bullet and and muzzle velocity effect power. Once I finish it, it will be free. Please promote it.


I'm Josh.
I've always loved army men, until they weren't specific enough for me and I wanted World War II army men. So I searched and searched and the cheapest miniatures that weren't too tiny to me were 15mm. So I decided to buy a bunch of 1/100/15mm minis from Battlefront/Flames of War. I went to Brookhurst Hobbies I bought some Germans and some Americans. The next year I bought some Russians and more Americans. The next year I bought some Finnish, some British and even more Americans. I mainly used these for "set ups." I would set them up and leave them. Eventually I developed my own wargame, but then scrapped it once I realized that Call of Duty 3 wasn't the best source for weapon stats. So I went back to "set ups." I then realized that in order to do good dioramas, I needed to paint my minis. 15mm minis didn't look like the easiest to paint, so I moved up a size. I went back to Brookhurst and bought some Esci 1/72s. I got some Americans, some Germans, some British and some French. I planned to paint these but never got the time. After looking at, I realized that my French were actually pre World War I Foreign Legionaries. Discouraged from miniatures, I decided to take a break. My interests in drumming and Xbox took some chunks out of my spending budget, and I still don't have any money. Eventually, I went back to miniature and developed a second wargame for use with my 1/72s. It was the best I made, and pretty fun, but I had moved on from World War II. I am now interested in Modern miniatures in 20-25mm scales. The scales I'm looking at are 1/76, 20mm, 1/72 and 25mm.